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Library Catalogue

A prototype online MRC library catalogue has been created for trialling and feedback.

Instructions for use:  1. Ensure all search filters are cleared before entering a new search
2. Click on the 'binoculars' icon to bring up a pop -up search window
3. It is recommended to search only on one field using the 'CONTAINS' operand. to get best results

LibraryNumber Title Vol Date Author Publisher
Railway Modeller, The
A001 Steamcars to the Comstock L Beebe & C Clegg Howell-North
A002 Mixed Train Daily L Beebe & C Clegg EP Dutton
A003 MISSING - Trains Album of The Railroad Photographs 1 Trains Magazine Kalmbach
A004 Trains Album of The Railroad Photographs 2 Trains Magazine Kalmbach
A005 Trains Album of The Railroad Photographs 3 Trains Magazine Kalmbach
A006/01 Car Builders Dictionary 1912 RV Wright (Ed) Simmons-Boardman
A006/02 Car Builders Dictionary 1922 RV Wright, Ed Simmons-Boardman
A006/03 Car Builders Cyclopedia 1928 RV Wright, Ed Simmons-Boardman
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