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Library Catalogue

A prototype online MRC library catalogue has been created for trialling and feedback.

Instructions for use:  1. Ensure all search filters are cleared before entering a new search
2. Click on the 'binoculars' icon to bring up a pop -up search window
3. It is recommended to search only on one field using the 'CONTAINS' operand. to get best results

LibraryNumber Title Vol Date Author Publisher
A012 Civil War History - Civil War RDS V7 No3 JI Robortson S Univ of Iowa
A013 Freight Terminals and Trains 1912 JA Droebe McGraw-Hill
A014 Passenger Terminals and Trains 1916 JA Droebe McGraw-Hill
A015 Electric Interlocking Handbook 1930 HM Sperry Gen Rly Sig Co
A016 Run of the 20th Century, The 1930 E Hungerford NYC Lines
A017 Slim Princess, The - The Story of The Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge 1961 - 4th Edn John B. Hungerford Hungerford Press
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