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Ballasting on Ingatestone

I still get a bit of a buzz when the postman has a parcel for me and yesterday I took delivery of two laser cut kits from Lazor Works. With  some adaption these should make a fair model of the signal box at Ingatestone. Mo has been busy at home working more traditionally on the model  of the gate keepers cottage - Looking good Mo!


Meanwhile back at Keen House we did a master class in ballasting with Chris, watched avidly by Kev who was soon stuck in with the PVA spray bottle. Note the handy little ballast hopper/dropper - very useful for getting clean lines.

Ingatestone headlines at The MRC Open House !

Ingatestone had it's first official display yesterday at Keen House. Receiving many positive comments and considerable interest, we ran our first official train round the layout, powered by Dapol's forthcoming Class 68 locomotive. Below are pictures of the banner being broken by the first train,together with some other shots taken by the Ingatestone crew!  We will be running again this Thursday at The MRC New Member's evening with some "interesting" motive power - come along and see us !  Many thanks again to Joel at Dapol for the kind loan of the Class 68 to run the first train - more detailsd are available at: 




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Class 68 Launch for Ingatestone

It is only fitting that the MRC's new OO layout  Ingatestone is opened by the latest in 4mm Locomotives. Join us from 11am on Sunday 8th May when Dapol's brand new Class 68 will break the tape to open our new 21st Century mainline layout. 

Ingatestone gets ready for open house !



Great progress has been made on Ingatestone since the last appearance at Ally Pally last month. We are now attached to our joint fiddle yard. We have run the main track power bus along the remaining front boards 1,2 and 3 and added jumper connections between the boards. The foam sub-base for the landscaping has started to be applied and shaped - see the photo.

Our next aim to have a full circuit available on May 8th when The MRC's open day takes place - come along and visit us at home and see what the team has been achieving. There might be something very interesting running around the layout !!



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Ingatestone goes to the Palace !

A very successful weekend for Ingatestone at the London Festival Of Railway Modelling held last weekend at Alexandra Palace. After the safe delivery of the three boards (numbers 4 to 6), the "in progress" demo drew a lot of attention and positive comment from the show-goers. Over the weekend, all of the group took their turns helping out on the layout or with the stewarding. See above for a picture of the lads on the Sunday afternoon !  Next stop will be at the MRC Open Day on May 8th at Keen House. More information is at:  See you there !

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It's a wrap !

In preparation for Ally Pally this coming weekend, the Ingatestone crew have been busy getting ready the boards that we are taking to display. On Sunday, the packing crates for the corner boards were finished, with an extra day of work by Tom, Bob and myself getting the foam core for the scenery being cut. What is on display will be a work in progress to show visitors how we are building the scenery, to allow them to ask questions, learn and hopefully come and visit us at our open day in May. To act as a "place marker" for the PECO

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Ingatestone turns the corner !

After a lot of wiring, testing of the track power on Ingatestone has started - here we have Bachmann Class 37/4 37421 on the up line on board 6 powering round the corner - next Thursday we will be testing the boards that will be attending London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace. Come and meet us and see the layout - we'll be in the West Hall !  The hard work to progress the hoods for the corner board storage also took a step forward today as Maurice and Tom completed the panelling and secured the strengthening battens in place.

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Ingatestone powers ahead !

This weekend saw Lawrence. Mo and Tom make progress with the power wiring for the layout, as well as on the woodworking. Protector boards to avoid track damage on board ends are being fabricated, and the covers for the trolleys that will be home to the corner boards 5 and 6 took more steps forward. See the pictures of Lawrence making connections on Boards 3 and 4 above and below. We welcome anyone who would like to joing us - all skill levels are most welcome!


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Ingatestone readies for Ally Pally

With our first official outing only 6 weeks away, when we will be showing as a work in progress at the London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace - have a look at:


This last weekend, Lawrence, Mo and Tom were hard at work progressing the side board boxes and getting our wiring further down the line (pun intended) to allow us to run demonstration trains at LoFORM. We are to have a similar wiring pattern to Putnam, our HO scale sister layout, as we will be sharing their fiddle yard.

We look forward to seeing you at Ally Pally, don't be shy, if you have any questions, ask!

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Ingatestone is so Bracing !

Progress today on the storage and transport boxes for the two side boards - five and six. Tom and Maurice spent today adding the bracing to the side panels which will eventually be mounted on the skates and provide protection. I took the opportunity to do some wiring on the aforementioned boards, to get them ready for their first outing to London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace on March 19th/20th. Please feel free to drop by and say hello to us and see the latest progress first hand !



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New Year progress on Ingatestone !

Although we have been quiet over Christmas, that doesn't mean that we have not been active on Ingatestone, as the photos will attest !


Progress since the last update:

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Update - Track laying and Carpentry.



Above we see a couple of pictures taken by Lawrence Robbins this afternoon at Keen House. These show the great progress being made on Ingatestone. Mo, Tom and Kevan are seen building the base for the new dollies that will take boards 5 & 6 in due course. The second photo shows boards 5 and 6 which connects into the country end of the fiddle yard that will be common with Putnam.  The mock up of the bridge prepared by Bob Allaway has been a great help in getting track centres spot on and avoiding side-swiping on the curves between Mark 3 coaches (the longest vehicles that will run on Ingatestone).  Once the last piece of trackwork has been done, we will turn to soldering the main power buses to the power droppers. Come and drop by and meet with us - we will be in most Thursdays and the next couple of Sundays !

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Ingatestone Summer progress report.

The last few weekends have seeen further progress on both tracklaying and making handholds. All boards have now had the handholds routed out, which will be a major safety and comfort feature on the layout, enabling a firm grip to be kept when manoeuvering the boards around.  The first track on boards 5 and 6 has been laid, with the rail being soldered to adjustable small brass screws at the board edges to provide a solid base and hopefully will avoid bent rails ! Tom and Mo spent yesterday constructing the first set of drawers that will sit in the two stacking units to allow layout building and stock to travel safely and securely in the future - see the attached photo. Check back for more progress reports in due course.

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A busy weekend for Ingatestone.

A gloriously sunny Saturday June 27th saw Mo, Bob, Tom, Kevan and Chris head for Ingatestone to take measurements for the next stage of the 4mm layout: The buildings.  After checking in with the Station Manager, we measured the footbridge piers, the station buildings before turning to the level crossing. With the assistance of the ever helpful Crossing Keeper, the barriers were measured. This will help Lawrence with the procurement of a 4mm version from Heathcote Electronics in due course.

Sunday saw the group working on the baseboards - see the attached picture of handholds being cut into the sides for safe and comfortable carrying.

Come and join us either on a Thursday evening or at our bi-weekly Sunday working sessions - next ones are July 12th and 26th !


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Ingatestone on track !

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-20150625-WA0003-2.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-20150625-WA0002.jpg

Progress has continued on tracklaying on Ingatestone, with most of the running lines now down and soldered securely to screws at the board ends. In the pictures you can see work in progress last Thursday night. Improvements made to the baseboards have seen additional bracing added to remove some of the twistability from them. Handholds on the sides have also been added for ease of carriage (and less damage to the scenery)!

Tomorrow (June 27th) sees our next outing to Ingatestone, where, armed with copious amounts of pen, papers, measuring devices and cameras, we will get the last measurements of buildings and structures to get the layout as accurate as possible. Come along and catch up with us either tomorrow, or most Thursday nights at Keen House !

Progress on Ingatestone's corner boards !

Today was a day of progress for the layout: A working party including Tom Slade and Lawrence Robbins worked on Boards 5 and 6 (the corner boards) to core the stretchers and prepare them for reinforcement. In the pictures, Lawrence is seen at work with the corer fitted to the power drill.  If anyone is interested in joining our group and helping us to keep up the great progress, speak to any of the team members or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Ingatestone Away Day !

On Saturday June 27th, the Ingatestone team will be heading to Ingatestone (where else!) for a measuring, drawing and photographing session. From the station area to the Cricket Pavilion, we'll be busy getting the detail as accurate as possible for our layout. If you are in the area from mid-morning onward, come by and see us!

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Welcome to the Ingatestone Blog!

This is the first blog by the team that will be bringing Ingatestone to life in 4mm scale. The team are: Chris Ibbotson, Tom Slade, Bob Allaway, Maurice (Mo) Beanlands, Lawrence Robbins and Kavind Patel. We are at Keen House most Thursday nights from 19:00 and also have Sunday working sessions from 11:00 that will be advertised on here.

We welcome new members irrespective of their skill level - we all have to start somewhere. Drop us an email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact us!